Friday, December 10, 2010

Asha the great

Asha my sister is a bundle of wits . Even today you could be taken for a free ride if you talk to her. She has made our childhood eventful with umpteen blunders which she thought was fun and has pained my mom like anything. She also was very imaginative like any child for her age and have irritated me and amused people with her wonderful stories. Every time she wanted something and you denied her she would cook up stories of having received an oracle from Mother Mary in her dream and the person who denies her would be severely punished. She often managed to get her things done through Mother Mary and her oracles. The fact that she really beleived that others beleived her made me angry because I could outrightly see that people just had fun out of her. But ignorance is bliss and Asha never realised she was taken for a ride maybe that was the most beautiful part of her.

One such afternoon as we were having lunch Asha began giggling at the table. Mom who sense d something wrong to happen asked Asha to shut up. She was not easy to be shut up so she giggled even more making my aunt ( dad's brother's wife) ask what it was that made her giggle. To this she replied it was something connected to the aunt. Mom sensing the danger asked her to finish her food. But the aunt persisted that Asha tell all of us what about the aunt made her giggle. She then turned around and looked at all of us and asked with all her gesticulations as if she had reached the climax of a movie " Shall I tell you all?" There was no stopping her so I was silent and I am sure mom might have made a silent prayer that she speak something sensible. Asha still continued like a skillful storyteller " Do you all want to know why I giggled?" "Yes", said the aunt. "I visualised you like someone so I giggled", she said. The suspense was building up and now my uncle who loved my sister more than me , coaxed her and said " No more suspenses, whom does your aunt resemble?"
She burst out like popcorn from an AK-47 rifle and said " You look like a Gorilla haaaahhaaaahiihiii".
My aunt froze, so did my uncle. Mom got away by asking us all to finish our lunch and clear the table. I looked at my aunt, I could not decipher how she felt. I never understood what embarrassment could mean at that age but I am sure she must have felt something like that. As for Asha she cleared the table with the satisfaction of a standup comedian.

N.B- She does not joke any more but can slaughter you with her janshatabdi speed in conversations

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