Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random thoughts

Now this is what I call 'suicide'. You got tonnes of work and you keep procastinating and for no reason out of the blue , you blog. Well no wonder this blog was named catharasis :P But to be frank I have never ventilated in the true sense ( and yet people tell me I am too candid)
Well Its a beautiful morning in Chennai after the rains, clogged toliets and worms around. Finally clothes dry and that is a respite for us hostellers.
The food is horrible and I am having my secret potion which makes me eat less ( No I wont share the secret even if you kill me) and I hope to lose weight ( No wonder Sony calls me Bridget , I look like her these days).
My hubby the humble 'Who' is buried under the weight of his commitment to his office ( obviously they pay well) and his pretential commitment to me ( I don't pay him sadly)

We haven't concocted ( that is a favourite word of mine) anything worth for our friends to read but we hope to do it soon.
I am well ..... you know...... propounding grandiose theories.... seriously that's what we do in the IIT :) well some day I''ll share my theories to you all . I seriously am in a writers block phase not on the blog but on the research front. My mom tells me to just get it onto paper. I got no heart to tell the poor woman its no story writing I do here.

But I love my life, I get loads of time to stop and reflect and ponder about what I am doing. I still have not joined the academic race. A part of me hates myself for it but then again if my sanity is preserved by this decision be so it.

I really should be pretending to work . Till we get some meaningful post ciao !!!!!

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