Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aadu Mania

To some of my friends who have seen me writing this, I am sorry I know it's too late. This was meant to be my fifth blog and now here it is as the 78th. Never too late, I guess. Thanks for the responses you guys wrote in the previous post so here's something frivolous.

Well when I said aadu , I don’t mean goat in Malayalam but aaduka, rocking and swaying in English and Jhoomna in hindi . It started with walkman, mp3 players and now it’s at it's peak with ipods and mobile phones. You see people with eyes shut rocking around in buses, trains and roads. First of all I got no problems with this fad, neither am I jealous coz I do possess such a contraption. But you just won’t believe what happened in the last few years because of this mania.

So it's my experiments with some Aadu maniacs :)

I was learning how to cycle after I joined IIT (well I am an ace cycler now or I think so) now Jils dnt list the number of accidents I had plz.

There were two girls in front of me on the road, it was obvious “they were victims of aadu mania” both were sharing earphones of an Ipod and swaying like snakes, nodding head in a pendulum pattern 1...2..1-2.1..2.1-2 . I rang the bell, maybe they thought that was part of the music too, they did not even twitch a muscle, I yelled, “move to the side I am new to this whole business”, no response. I overtook them and applied brakes. There was a cement mixer in front of me but they seemed oblivious to my plight and smiled and left, had I not overtook them I doubt if they would even notice the cement mixer they would even fall into it happily.

There are some symptoms these maniacs exhibit, if you want to track them down.
1) They sway all the time as if they are on dance floor , like a snake at times ( even without music- its called after effect ;) )
2) They are deaf , when you talk to them.During normal periods of the day they cant hear you ( try singing it works)
3) They complain listening to songs in sleep ( at least my ex roomie did)
4) More prone to accidents coz they miss pot holes, electric posts, slip, they like being pampered by vehicles on street and worse they could poison food (my roomie did).
5) They jump out of their seats or come out of a trance like state when you call them .

This happened to me when I worked for a year at Dharwad. My roomie had these earphones connected to her mobile all the time sometimes she listened to music and mostly she was on calls but this thing was always attached to her ears. She rolled chappatis, hung clothes, cooked and cleaned with this thing in her ears. At times I was scared what would the food be like? (of course I was concerned about carrying her to hospital for a broken neck someday too). Once I saw her adding salt to wheat flour for making rotis smiling to herself listening to songs, she then added a spoon more( I tried telling her but she gave me her " I Know what I am doing" look). We sat for dinner and she got a call, she went away without tasting her delicacy and I was like the model of centreshock ad, shrieking after the first bite.
Unaware of my pain she continued her rocking and giggling. By the time she returned I had cooked rice and she stared at me unaware of what happened. Well I thank god we don’t use cyanide at homes or she would have killed me.

Another friend of mine had this contraption in her ears while dressing, she won’t even keep it away for a second now can you imagine someone slipping a top over the body without removing the ear phones , well she had mastered the art.

I got to know a cute girl here in IIT; she even wrote me a testimonial on orkut before. Now she hardly smiles, and always has this thing plugged in her ears. I feel like I have lost her and all for this silly contraption.

But it seems to have helped many. My cousin for instance plugs this thing in the moment his wife starts quarrelling or his kids ask for money.

My favourite is a girl in our mess who eats, walks and reads newspaper with this thing in her ears. Initially we thought she was insane talking to herself coz she sings and talks simultaneously like some mono act.But slowly we got acquainted to her using her hands to dance along to the tunes. She gets offended if you sit next to her or if anyone observes her.She has her favourite seat in the mess where she sits alone and listens to the music and dances all alone. It's amazing how she has avoided any social contact and relied entirely on this contraption.

To think of how dangerous is this fad? Look around you would find at least 5 victims of this poor disorder.Share in your experiences in similar situations like mine.

Well I wrote mostly about victims who are women I observe them more, this does not mean men are not victims to this mania. Well I thought I can spare men in this post :P


Edwin Fernandez said...

thanks subbulakshmi....atleast this time u spared us..!! we are relived..!! hope u will spare us, bastards, in future too :)

The quirk said...

Wow Renny did u mean M.S Subalakshmi. How did you find out about my singing?
Yes you are spared from now onwards you are not the bulls eye

Umesh Kadampanad said...

just to say a hai and pass a message that i read it.
No need to spare the men. They need to be unmasked but with caution.

THis is my 7th year in hostel. I also have a lot of this kind of experience with certain exception. None of my present university students use ear phone when they read news paper or sit in the dinning table. In these places u could see heated debates. Mess for us is not only a place to eat, but to interact each other. But outside JNU gate, the story is different. Next to our gate is great Delhi IIT and these are very common there. Case is more worse in Delhi University. There y could see sign board in departments/schools about ear phone. When i visited Delhi School of Economics last time, i so even some hand made posters which is saying about the need for volume control of this instrument. Funny but true.....