Monday, June 1, 2009

I am feeling melacholic "Foi" said. "So"? I asked. Lets go to CCD. "But our dearest comrade is away for ten days. Shouldn't we wait for her? ". "No I want to go today, besides she is enjoying her conference in some Jaipur palace"."Ok that's true so when do we go"? "A" asked. "Sharp 12, midnight", Foi said. "Why so?, asked "V".
"Well I am creative after 12", Foi said sketching a tree and two rocks on her new sketch pad. "Dont you have a green pencil"?, she asked me. "Manage with what you have" I yelled. "You guys think I run an art supply store don't you?"
"Lets take your sketch book to CCD maybe you can get more creative", I suggested. "Look I am not gonna change my dress", Foi declared. But the rubber slippers? , "A" asked. I am what I am and I payed Rs 70 for this "F" argued. Beyond that the conversation was above my level. Nearing CCD "V" asked are you sure there are lot of guys. So what "F" asked we are not scared. its not about fear its your rubber slippers .Then disown me I am going alone in this rubber slippers.

Finding a corner seat the bratz looked helplessly at the menu looks delicious "V" said. But what's what? Chocolate fantasy, chocolate chip muffin, spinach,corn and cheese sandwich and Chocolate truffle the orders ran. "V" looked constipated seeing the muffin " well this isnt what I hoped for" she smiled. "F" said why is this not the way I wanted.
Then you should have said I want something that looks like this I don't know its name , I taunted.Why

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