Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Underwear stories

Now cool down I am not writing Mills & Boon stories here. I have been wanting to write this but was worried about how it would be taken , well to hell with image did I have one?????

My friend is leaving for Delhi so we discussed about Delhi for some time today and I was recollecting my trips to Delhi with my batchmates during MSW days. I realized I never wrote any experiences of those days so here you go. Something silly yet worth writing.
We were a batch of 30 with 4 nuns, 1 priest and 11 guys the rest are girls ( I am weak in maths so you count.Sometimes guys add me to their group and said we are 12 guys).

We did our placements in the 3rd sem at Delhi and were fortunate to spend some time in the scorching summer of Delhi in Chandni Chowk, Chor bazar, Palika bazar and Sarojini market. Delhi definitely is a colorful place everything from sweets to bangles, bags to chappals its colorful.

Ok...... let's get back to the title :) enough of background now camera focuses towards a church in Palam. When we landed at 5pm at Hazrath Nizammudin we were shocked at the first incident that welcomed us to the capital city. A boy not more than 11 years of age snatched a gold chain of my friend and ran and not even our Wayanadan express could chase him . The shot was like in bollwood movies the boy ran from one train to other and we thought we lost him.

Jiska koi nahi uske saath Delhi police zaroor hota hai :) ( for those who got noone you definitely have the Delhi police). There were officers in civil dress to curb such incidents and we were impressed , we got the chain back.The boy was handed over to Prayas an organisation working with Juveniles ( And guess what the girl whose chain he snatched did her internship there :) )

Oh I am deviating a lot from the title .....

Ok now we had to be put up at a common place till next day so we could part ways to our placement offices. Our dearest Priest classmate suggested Palam church where his friend was a priest. We landed there and got fresh. As the journey was two days long girls washed a lot of stuff and hung it on the terrace. At night the priest washed his robe and asked the parlour boy to hang it on the terrace. Next day morning when I woke up and went to the terrace to brush my teeth I saw the priest standing stunned.

It was just 5 am and the sun was rising and it looked pretty what looked prettier was a priest's robe hanging in the middle of a clothesline with undergarments like decorations on both sides. Obviously girls had no clue this would happen and the parlour boy was a fool. But the priest stood dazed. I understood his plight so with my tooth brush in mouth I walked towards the clothesline and with the seriousness of rescuing a victim from fire I brought the robe and handed it to the priest who walked downstairs silently. Slowly the girls woke up oblivious to all this and the day resumed normal. Not funny huh? Imagine it !!!!!

On our last day we assembled at the same place.Before leaving the place the priest said "please carry all your belongings don't leave anything". As if to ensure this would be done he told me "Please go to the terrace, if anything is left it might be the belonging of one of our people so get it". I went on the mission and found two male under garments.With disgust and horror I put it in a polythene bag but forgot the whole affair in the hustle. As the bus took off a guy screamed " A very precious belonging of mine is left please take the vehicle back". The gang said leave it forever,"No its impossible" he said. "I can't do without it". What is it?, many asked he was silent. And then I heard him tell someone " Aliya my Jockey is missing". Nonchalantly I threw the Polythene and asked ""Is it this? All were stunned and looked at me as if I had some fetish for such things. " Spare me the looks father said to carry all that was left behind", I said. "Thanks di, our point stands vindicated, you are a boy, you understood the value of this thing". I did not understand what that meant I looked clueless and girls looked at me as if I did something derogatory.

Well till date jockey ads make me puke.

Those were some underwear experiences.

But I did have some best laughs of my life .

Note: This is not completely true it's fictionalized a lot.


deeps said...

Ummm interesting bunch of guys ..(like the 30 thieves )

Haven’t been to sarojini market yet …

I wont be surprised if you tell me that that boy had been an old inmate when that your friend was there!

That’s got to be taken with a pinch of salt …
Priest of course is a MAN … and you are back at it .. nevertheless with your sense of humor doing an icing job …with imagination … and ehem … going by Plato’s philosophy (not deeps’) of copy of copy will leave a lot of questions unanswered though!

Edwin Fernandez said...

puke??..even girls use jockey..!

deeps said...

looks like no one here this time to fight with you ...! :-)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

rofl...really funny!!! culd picturise de whole thing well!!!!! :)