Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am back

After a long gap I resume blogging again. Not that nothing spectacular or eventful did not happen over the past eight days.In fact too many significant events made it impossible for me to pen down my thoughts.

I was held up with a project and for days I dreamt correlation, mean and standard deviation. I resumed violin practice too, to beat the heat.

We got new caterers in mess they seem to know their job but, I am not hungry these days( Nope- No dieting that's not my cup of tea or coffee either :P )

One of our spinster brat is being tormented by a love triangle- she is being hurled with gifts.

Another one is away at home so I wont bring her in, she has nothing interesting happening either.

Our beloved spinster brat soon to be married hence soon to be ex communicated from this group is learning all the menial house work back home [ How outrageous :)]- I know there are many waiting to see me do it some day( nice try)

My favorite spinster brat has set her scores even with an old traitor ( jai chinjo Comrade Foi)

Two of my best friends fell in and out of love. The guy is going crazy and the girl is marrying someone else, I am left to counsel both.

Another friend of mine is getting married and its a love marriage. He asked me to edit a website he designed for his wedding, that was an interesting task and kept me busy.

I decided to teach few kids clay moulding. I thought it was easy and being a scholar in the area of education, I should interact more with kids, well I was proved wrong and on my way back I met with a minor accident.

As I was recuperating I met a guy who wrote awesome blogs..... I was smitten by his words and thought I needed to pause before I blog again.Hope he doesn't read this and if he does-I wasn't referring you :)

Finally the highlights of the week I got a cool book and few chocolates from a friend. It's a nice book "All Quiet on a Western Front" by Erich Remarque a German author. Grab a copy or wait for my review.I have been receiving too many books from people. Orhan pamuk's "The name is red" , J.K's book from Jobin chettan and the Nature book from Rubil brother. I got no excuse to say no books to read. To top the list Jils has given me lot of mallu stuff like Kazakinte ithihasam, London batheriyile luthiniya, Short stories from Chullikad. Guys you really wont know what's gonna hit you in the next blogs :)

Heated battles at home for wedding and Do I hear wedding bells? Nope I hear school bells - my field work start in June. Finally I got an answer to all of you out there who keep asking me how many years left for submitting the thesis? Well with the field work beginning 2 years precisely.[ I am not responsible if my parents get me married or my guide delays the process of research :) that would delay the PhD]

It's vacation in IIT but scholars got no vacation. I am leaving home for a break after long 5 months. So that's about the not so eventful 8 days of mine.

As for gyan- ful posts hmmmmmm.... I am still recuperating from the heads over heels phase after reading an awesome blog........... Don't worry I am resilient so will recuperate soon.

Till then..............

Jai chinjo

( This is the slogan of spinster bratz)- use if you are a spinster and a brat - you got to be both and not just one of the two.


santiago said...

u know, it's very difficult to write comments from a dial-up connection. since i put much fight to read this i can't leave without writing smething. first who took this thoughtful pic of urs? u dint mention nything abt FOI's first cycle ride outside insti. it's almost one year n yet u r nt good at cycling huh? u r meeting accidents one after another. check ur horoscope. so the guys who are "bastards" have some effect on u these days huh??? well everyone likes to have a change, rite?

Unknown said...

great re-search material... interestin read !

The quirk said...

Santiago snap is by my fav photographer Rekha :) well I really I forgot FOI's cycle ride let me see if I can edit or as Pilate said" what's written is written".

rockr.rux-I am still trying to figure out if that was a comment :)