Thursday, January 1, 2009

Teena's diary entry Jan 1 ,2009

Dear diary,

Yesterday at Satyanilayam we bid farewell to 2008 by burning a snowman . I watched bridget's diary few days ago so thought i would share my thoughts too, i wish i could burn some people too :) now that was not mean ok! well people kept sending lot of crap sms which spoke about hope for something new , do something exciting this year and all. Anu said the thought that we will hit 26 this year is scary well i said after we hit 30 years will fly and i already am enjoying it, she gave me that " you wierdo look" .

Well what exactly did 2008 give me? i was already inside IIT last New year. The thrills this year were- My hair has started to grey( and i love it), i lost few pounds ( this time i never did anything for that), i have stopped being anxious
( i am too lazy to worry these days), painted some tiles and some walls :), danced again which i thought i would never ( margamkalli), visited some awesome places
( dehradun, Wayanad, Mysore, Bangalore), Lost few friends and my heart :), found some lost friends and books,some friends had a tougher time and i decided to stand by them,discarded quite some junk and some memories, started a blog,so you are here in limelight, tamed my anger.... learned to cycle ( wow), bought a camera and mp3 player ( double wow), and above all maintained my new year resolution ( which was not to make any resolution :) .......

But my biggest asset is depicted in the snap above, my family here in IIT , my strength , my shield, which reminds me how i changed over a year .At times when i see their excitement when they are back from home i doubt is IIT our home - where did they go then :) ?

Welcome 2009 ..... hope i can burn some people next year :)


Unknown said...

well, happy new year with no resolutions.

Unknown said...

Inspired by "Bridget Jones diary"!!!. certainly looking forward to a lot of "eventful" posts; and Happy New year

Jency said...

Edi teens, trying to burn anyone?????

Veendaee venda.. thats not going to give ny solution.

avarude oru photo venengil kathichu kalanjo....

silentblogger said...

lost some friends? and found some back?. so the equation is balanced rt. so its good. just don't weigh the pans.
well, i was imagining a new year get together. you, me and mamoose. at some fav spot in ekm or in CC stairs. not in near our golden 50's(if i made it somehow).
probably we both single and happy and you got caught in marriage(but a healthy one for sure). we all with wrinkles and few black hairs here and there. and we could welcome that new year together.
if dreams comes true, let this come.

Rekha Menon said...


Luv the way you write .....:)

Unknown said...

i love the way u write. keep it up .

The quirk said...

aby cud u reveal who ur, thanks for the comment