Saturday, December 27, 2008


If I don’t introduce a part of my life to you all that would be a sin. It’s amazing how god connects people. When I landed at Gajendra circle of IIT Madras I sat at the bus stop and stared at the two elephants there. I still remember I had a copy of “ I dare- by Kiran Bedi” and I asked god- why here? What am I gonna do in a technical institute. I hated engineers; didn’t have a single friend who was an engineer. Maybe god was smiling at me because 1.5 yrs from that day my family at IIT- Genesis is made up of engineers and scientists and I happen to be the sole PhD scholar from Humanities. How did we all meet? I don’t know? Michael says they kept referring me as chechi with Sania Mirza kind of glasses :). But today they call me peter chechi. 1.5 years in IIT has been memorable . what all we did here guys? From teaching GMC to speak Malayalam, to the quizzing saga, from Daddy’s farewell video to my surprise birthday treat. From that hell of quarrels with GMC, the day Georgy made me cry. Jils! remember playing Wolf ? The fights for not getting things done on time to the countless treats at Tiffany. The way Thomas met us at SAC while our melodious choir prac was going on, to the horrible choir performances we had in chapel.

The prayer meetings at Amul parlour and Beasant Nagar beach – Hope you all remember that. Even our darling Winie who added flavour to our family , Hima remember the margamkali stunts ? Remember the hogging at Shastra stalls, which gave me a diarrhea and Michael, an exclusive Typhoid? I still cherish the moment we all ordered Mutton Shorbas for Eldhose’s treat and how you guys looked at each other. And my Antakshri with Jumbo Sonu I was shocked to see even Ninoy was helping Sonu and I think even Thomas would have if he could add German songs :) . I haven’t mentioned anything about Tessy but that’s because I can’t describe what she is to me in words. Remember Georgy you commented Anu being a sweet girl and next days after her feminist dialogue you changed it :) . Hey remember our argument on Adolf Hitler and his personality – Faicil and Michael? To me the most embarrassing moment was when Job sir publicly said he is scared of me , and his son added each time you stare at the late comers you cant expect people not to be scared of you :)

Each time I was down I remember you guys coming and talking to me or telling Tessy to take care of me and each time u call from home even when you are on holidays I know its just not some arbit friendship guys.

Daddy when you cried seeing your video we cried too, I still do when I see it. Each time you guys irritate me and listen to my fundaes and tease me alter I know you don’t mean it.
Thanks for being there when I went through tough times in this campus when I thought I would break down, thanks for being by me, praying for me and its an honour to see your names and write about you all in my blog. Hey guys do send your comments love you all.


Unknown said...

Very nice…such a poetic words…Not only this GENESIS, all others too.
I think you may write a novel after your IIT life and might ended up in a booker prize.
… keep writing, so that others can enjoy…

The quirk said...

Jobin chetta, u always lie, for u everything i do is nice.

Unknown said...

ente chechi. i dint mention about anu chechi as " sweet girl"..i mentioned her as calm,quiet and good to be a wife lady, and i stand by what i told..forgive me anu chechi if you dint like the comment.

JOJY said...

i don't have enough English to appreciate it ... But Podimol's spelling is wrong .. its Vigny with g silent ... not Winie ..

The quirk said...

hmm dear Jojy.... winnie the pooh is my favourite cartoon so i call podimol tht way thanx for trying to find faults with my english but u lost this time too