Saturday, January 3, 2009

10 things that could make me smile

1. A baby’s smile
2. Yellow roses
3. My dog Rachel
4. A book as a gift
5. Jelabi’s
6. Snaps of good old days
7. A Kishore Kumar melody
8. A jar of pickle
9. Love birds
10. Painting stuff


Unknown said...

good photos..........the artist has turned to photography

silentblogger said...

sort of disappointed. i thought i also could make you smile. where's ME in this list???

JOJY said...

Did you make the list before ... or based on the availability of pictures you made the list

The quirk said...

well jojy i dont have to search snaps and fit into my likes most things can be googled you knw so i had my likes before the pics.....hope i answered the technical troubleshooter for u :)

Jinson said...

The three photographs such as mango with rice , Kishore Kumar and Three cute kids are both conceptual and optically homogeneous .Among this three photos I love the mango pickle and rice .It is productive and conscious way to the home