Sunday, January 4, 2009

Love sucks poor friends

When you wish to disappear into thin air, for me its just not my day. And in one of those days you get up from bed and land up in class wondering is my day bad because I got up facing left or right , this is not what you wish to await you.


“ Hi Teens , was waiting for you”. Wait, halt , cease “ Eda is it a girl problem”?. “You know what Teens you read my mind” , who said you aren’t intelligent? . Yeah, who said I am not intelligent tell me now I’ll break his bones. But ,…. Teens I didn’t say it’s a he. Eda dash mone… I don’t give a damn to who said it . Waise bhi “ All men are bastards” . I know da Teens , but excluding me right?

You … You are their leader , This is your fourth or fifth crush this year isn’t it and you found me a feminist to discuss it, you know why you are alive ? Yeah coz I am your friend Teens….. God he knows all the wrong answers at right times…….

This was my best friend …. And he loved having infactuations actually he did it for fun , but when girls became serious he would come running to me to scheme how to get rid of them. Ok off to CC, she should never know I gave u this idea yaar she is my hostel mate…… She will come to me soon.

Scene -2

“ All men are bastards di”.. ditto you said my motto … who ditched you? Hey Teens how did you know. Oops( if you make a foul with women its not ok , they are clever) u fool its written all over your face and u could say Teens is intelligent( a bit of concern and buttering always helps). “No don’t even look at me, now don’t cry here, ok lets hit CC.“ Ok I understand he is mean…. What did you think men where? What would I do if I were you? Darling you think guys would dare take risks with me? Well I wish someone tried and I would break his neck.

Now you breathe slowly and repeat the motto.( All men.. 1, 2,3 … All men.. 1,2,3…)
Di, I declare it a mourning week. Oh what does that mean, sober clothes and no make up? Oops I was trying to help, please don’t cry….. Why are you women touchy? Next time you ditch some guy….

She was my ex- roomie, classmate and a nice girl, dressed quite well, read lot of mushy romance… but she was an ok girl.

Scene – 3

Da she is under control, she declares it mourning week, now you don’t meet her. Hello are you normal? No, don’t give me that look … No you are not guilty and even if you are you won’t patch up…. And even if you patch up I don’t know you guys.
Teens, one needs a reliable, committed friends to turn for advice.

(This is danger, Why are men always confused??? I should check my horoscope … I got odd timings with odd people.)

Ok but I am not cutting classes for advicing let’s hit to back bench. Da it’s my bad day I knew it when I got up on right side no maybe it was left….

Scene – 4

Oh heavy make up, great salwar let me guess you guys patched up? Hey how did you know? Well I don’t believe in romance … but aint I intelligent…. You know Teens sometimes I wish you should be a match maker of course it doesn’t suit your feminist personality. You sort of read between lines …..Yeah …. Tell me something I don’t know…….( I write those lines too dear).

Note: Dedicated to the good old days of UC college… and the CC which witnessed blossoming and withering of romances . Any resemblance to love stories of my friends is purely intentional :)

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