Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dard mein bhi kuch baat hai

There is something intriguing about pain. People often prefer avoiding it, in fact all our pursuits are in a way seeking palliatives and inoculations for pain. People say i cling to pain. But what they don't understand is i am not scared of it. In fact it strengthens me.Each time i get hurt i remember not to forget the lesson.I am in no hurry to bury it, after all wound heals but scar remains.If you become friends with this thought it cannot conquer you

What fascinates me about pain is that it is not reproducible, Many times i look back over the moments that made me happy and i feel the same feelings in the same magnitude i experienced then but in the case of pain it is not that way. Well you would ask me why do i even want to think of pain and relive it? No , i am not a melancholic.

Would you believe if i said that pain motivates me, because its the only emotion that can evoke human feelings in me, bind me to others through their involvement with my pain.

I am not ungrateful to the beautiful happenings in life , they always happen , but when we are happy how many people do we remember? i don't know we just enjoy that moment and wish it stays forever but when we are in pain remember the countless faces that comes to our mind, well strange theory huh ?

Something interesting about pain to me is hope , whenever in pain there comes a feeling of hope, but whenever happy i dont know if you are scared it's like a bubble waiting to burst.Quite christian a thought i would say which always has conditioned pain with hope .That's what the picture above relates to me and why i love it.

I am definitely curious to know why i think this way but i would accept it as my predisposition however.....perhaps sweeping states of madness too...

Anything that weakens you is poison but if what weakens you , strengthens me then perhaps whats poison for you is antidote to me.

Reminds me of the Adv of an analgesic which says

" dard mein bhi kuch baat hai"

for hope lies within us......


silentblogger said...

your blogs are getting personal. i dont know what triggered your thoughts for drafting this post. but the reason is definitely something worth to be mailed.(i think so)
dard main haan yaa naa. lekin kuch baath tho hai zaroor.
mail me about it when you feel like.
i love dealing both with explosives and exploding thoughts. explosives are there everywhere and you have got the explosive exploding thoughts.
good day

Unknown said...

interesting..i let my sister read it. she just said "wow".