Monday, December 15, 2008


I love colours.Anything colourful captures my attention be it clothes on racks , bangles on stand, balloons at park, vegetables in market i am in love with colours. Now that i think of maybe all my hobbies in childhood were out of fascination for colours be it reading because of the colorful pictures or painting because the way it let me play with colours or cooking because i saw it as magic with colours. I felt colors talked to me. But if you think that determines my sense of dressing or shopping you got me wrong i said i love playing with colours i could dirty any expensive fabric dabbing paint all over but i could never buy something when i enter a shop. Most of my shopping is like a strategic game plan, entry- scan- pick- shoot :)

I believe colours definitely impact your mood and thoughts , some may not agree though if you got a predisposition you choose colours that suit that mood ,I hate black and find it awful, i know the glam world calls it sexy, formal and what not i think its penetrated into our minds to believe that way i feel stuffy with black but with white i feel free , open , maybe that's conditioned too , i don't know it could be cultural.

But of all the colours you like there could be one colour that makes your day, makes you feel better, for me its yellow , some say its the colour of optimism - well i dont know i liked it even before i knew it .

So next time you see something colourful, pastries in a bakery, flowers for sale, stuffed toys of various colours,spices in jars ,fishes in aquarium, butterflies a water colour box or even the sky ! stop back and see if the colours speak to you too.

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silentblogger said...

i love black. don't know what it means or if it actually means anything at all. you look childlike in red. in black you look matured (not just me felt so).
and by the way you are a feminist, i never denied that. but it doesn't mean that you are not feminine inside.
im sure you wont say feminist's are masculine inside. being feminine is not bad, i believe so. correct me if i am wrong.
the feminine side of you is really good. i have seen it personally.
im sure you will deny and sometimes argue even (i love being a part of it) if you wont do all those then you will be someone else.