Thursday, December 11, 2008


When a baby’s smile a beautiful flower fails to make you smile
When you run out of words discussing your favourite topic
When you missed the most awaited moment of the day
When you don’t want to answer questions you are sure
When you – the avid reader cannot see words on paper
When having a chance to win you want to lose
When the chatter and glitter of kids irritate you
When you can’t look into your best friend’ eyes
When getting up early morning you feel lost
When unrest around you penetrates your heart
When being with friends make you lonely
When idiosyncrasies of life hits you hard
When looking at the mirror upsets you
When music seems to be cacophony
When the first rains depress you
When love seems to be painful
When tears well up for no reason
When to be lost seems bliss
When people introduce you to yourself
When your heart did not skip for the one you love……….
It’s just not your day
It’s just not your day

1 comment:

silentblogger said...

"When your heart did not skip for the one you love………."
i think i should be calling you right now. hope you are free and having some time for yourself.