Monday, July 14, 2008

Bread winner sex

Wow a blog after a year, on the same date. So it was destined that i would write few lines tonight.

How about this..... i met this guy... not actually met him.... talked to him... no not talked in real in chat. This fellow works for some Newspaper ( actually i know the newspaper's name but cant reveal it) . He landed on my scrapbook thanks to my friend Irshu, whom he knows from Mananthavady and my friend's sister Suraya i guess he know from PG. His initial intro was, Hi, do i know you?? A regular statement these days. No, i said. Well we got two common friends, he scrapped and then asked something that irked me. " You do research , how boring. isnt it pasting somebody else's ideas".

Now he stepped the danger zone. I started aiming my rifle , ritualistically and started very politely " I never knew newspapers wrote innovative stuff " ?? apart from digging graves .Strike # 1 i was leading.

Well i work in marketing so i dont write , but i am a creative guy strike # 1 he was pacing.You seem to be a different person my gut instinct says so

oh no!! strike # 3-4-5-6 he leaped ahead.

Well thats no news to me i hear it quite often. I am one of the kind , god does not manufacture my kind anymore. If he expected a humble answer i was not going to conform . strike # 3-4

Well What do you research on? , a typical question anyone would ask . Dont they know the researcher has no clue till end ? "Alternative education", i said . "Oh ! isnt it something related to changing the system of education radically strike #7-8-9-10 , he knew some stuff.

" well did you google it now" ?, i asked . "Well, in the media industry got to know stuff". if he said newspaper or media again i swore i would puke.

"Yes, it is something related to what you said", i replied .
"well... you see, its we who brought it in SFI we took strikes to improvise the system...."

what ?#$%%^ 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 - reduced all the points." what the hell do you mean your party found it. Alternative education is no patent of SFI, it has been since the system of education was found. even before 1800's u got me ? Gr8 G.K you got Mr newspaper!!!!!!

"Hey, thanks Teena , I didnt know about it you really updated". (oh god , he is acting cute) strike# 1,2, 3, 4 , 5.
Well actually research is good for you girls, we guys cant do it you see . We belong to the ' 'BREAD WINNER SEX '.


"Well which century are you in? i dont believe u could use such derogatory , outdated terms like bread winner sex. By using hyped words and working for a newspaper you cant deceive you inner self . I dont beleive that god still manufactures models like you" . i will run a strike to protest manufacturing such models. And if i remember your SFI was not anti women group what with the chuavinism ? are ,men doing research feminine ? , what were you doing in your SFI selling peanuts????

No men who do research might be sons of feudal lords , he said nonchalantly.
And that was it ....
"Dont you dare meet me , because i would love to give a piece of my mind to the bread winner sex representative"

and that was final strike #1..2...2.5..45...65..75......100 !!!!!!!!!!

hey i am no feminist:)


-Prinson- said...

Well...i like your style of writing.but not that content in it ..

you sound feminist..indeed.

But that is a gud thing... Go ahead.


The quirk said...

y is the content a problem prins. Actually it happened to me and i wrote it as it is , nothing more nothing less. Well if valuing ur identity is feminism i am afraid i am one :)

Vaisakh P S said...

valuing your identity is not feminism. Now a days people misinterpret the very meaning of this word. Whenever people say the word feminist, they have an idea of "a high society lady" portrayed in cinemas.

As a human being, everyone has a right to be treated equally irrespective of their gender or other traits. Feminism is a movement for reaching that goal not a "Mutated strain of homosapien" to be treated as weirdos.

And regarding this post, I was hoping for "Block buster" reply for him... and you gave him finally.

good going..

Surya said...

It's a real shock that people still use obsolete words like bread winner sex even now. No matter how a person had grown, the maturity to triumph over these inner ego is never accomplished.

Accepting and respecting our true self is not a crime.