Saturday, July 14, 2007

Memoirs of Student days

Though I am quite confident I keep my word to friends when I am asked to help , when it comes to cleaning my room I enjoy being scolded by my mother. Her Herculean task of lecture begins from her days in nursing college on how they were taught to fold sheets and make bed. To my friends I am obsessed with cleaning and taking care of my stuff but at home this same ME is viewed as an extra terrestrial or my family is obsessed with the Cleaning mania.

Well while receiving an ultimatum to clear my study tables a work I dread because it has things from my pre degree days, I wrinkled my nose and began, well first my hand went to a dissection box, I am the first and last person to use this as I was the only one who took biology in my family, I remembered how we feared dissecting cockroaches, and once we had no water in college after dissection and we had to walk upto our friends house and by the time the hand had dried and we could not eat food, as we felt the smell wouuld remain forever. Yet, I remember the vanity with which I hunted cockroaches in my house to frighten my siblings demonstrating dissection.
My hand went to a protractor, poor thing was lying lost I put it in the right box and wondered why we used these things in school, how much I dreaded maths , I told my teacher I would go for ARTS stream so from 8th STD they should give option for Maths.

Now my hand went to a paper I had the bad habit of saving my answer papers now this one had my beautiful handwriting it started with a definiton about some Gisella Konopka …ok ….so this is group work, Face of Sr Lizzy smiling came to my mind,
19 ¾ out of 30 god knows why she could not give a 20. I smiled and dared not read the paper out of fear I would be ashamed if I never recognized the content as well as my handwriting.

Well now what do I have in here , ? atleast 7 boxes of spectacles ok all colours different shops maybe saved up here to sue them for guarantee issues , mom has funny ways to things .

Now at the end was a paper pack I opened it to see some pedigree dog food maybe hidden from the dog when she sat with me in the study , it almost powdered and eaten by ants , Thank god mom never came to clear or would shoot me.
And last but not least as I wound up I found a slip with some diagrams . I used to make chits and study during BA Psychology now this had some coded some Abbreviations I could decipher like OCD, BDD some I could not it seemed like I was explaining it to someone because I had drawn upteen lines from the abbreviation to another.

Then came out a paper boat. I opened it , it was a letter from Sony, might have been passed in between classes. It read

Dear teena,

Since this world we live is a myth

lets imagine that the fact i borrowed

Rs 500 from you is a myth.

Because the money is neither yours not mine

it comes and goes.



I smiled, though i dont remember how i responded to this then.

Its so strange that some times even cleaning up can seem a ritual bringing out nostalgic moments we cherish, maybe that’s why the dissection box, geometry box and some answer papers lie here and there to remind me what I was and how I reached here.

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Surya said...

My hostel mates used to say my bed & surroundings is the best area to freshen up.

My bro calls my room, cyclone stuck area.