Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My take on education

Dear teachers,
I am the survivor of a concentration camp.
My eyes saw what no man should witness—
gas chambers built by learned engineers,
children poisoned by educated physicians
, infants killed by trained nurses,
women and babies shot and burned by high school and college students.
So I am suspicious of education.
My request is: help your students become humane.
Your efforts must never produce learned monsters,
skilled psychopaths,
educated Eichmanns.
Reading, writing, arithmetic are important
only if they serve to make our children more humane.

What are we pacing for a paper called degree which gets us tonnes of paper and metal called money
Can we atleast for a second think of money in those terms. You would think i got loads of it so i feel so.
No i got enough to survive , obviously i never thought of posessing a house , a car, latest mobile, laptop or any other ammenity.
When we say quality of life isnt these the objects that pop out of our brains . And life is equated to posessing these . There is never good in life it always a quest for better and best and beleive me...

" life becomes a bottomless pit and education a conspiracy to help you reach there"
“An obsession with failures stems from the compulsion for success”
We fear failures to the extent we are obsessed by it. because we are in for a a race and not a morning walk as a popular movie quoted.
When i once told a guy there is no concept called home , because we keep floating , he looked at me as if i betrayed him . I smiled , because my rudder lost direction some time ago.

As the survivor of nazi camp says if this is the so called glorious professions minting at the cost of inhumane activities, we call careers i am skeptical about our education and at the rosy enterprise called "LIFE"

The poem above is by a survivor from Nazi cocnentration camp.


-Prinson- said...

hmmm........Ok... :)

Jilfy said...

Good Take!! Agreed , however , some things i would like to say is that , not only education , but , anything , anything can be used in a wrong way..Driving a Caterpillar(Loader) is a job , but dint we see how a man used it to destroy so much in Israel last week by going on a rampage in the city.A football is meant to be used for a game , but what happens if its used as a weapon to hit someone repeatedly? Agriculture..can also give marijuana , cocoaine , caffeine , .If the concentration camps in Germany dint have those scientists and nurses, they would have used other techniques of torture.Wasnt there exploitation/torture/crimes centuries before the nazi camp too? Just that , higher the education , higher the technology of its negative outcomes.If hitler wasnt driven around in a car , he would have been on a horse carriage, if scientists werent there , axe-men would have been.Education has increased complexities , it also has seen Uncivilized humans going into Civilization....and life goes on...My heart goes out for the people who went through the concentration camps

The quirk said...

thanks Jilfy, for reading it patiently and tolerating my words and i value your comments

The quirk said...

And prinsa u dint express ur take on this unlike the feminist blog anyways thanks for reading