Monday, July 30, 2012

On the rooftop

Some days I reflect on how misconstrued our notion of our self is. How we spend days reflecting, selecting, vomiting grandiose ideas for ourselves. When I look out of this window from a 4 storeyed library hall, I feel grandiose, I feel delusional, I feel I am god. The cars on the road looks like a race course I designed, and I feel exhilarated, I feel the cars can speed and slow down at a snap of my finger. A swarm of dragon flies look like speck of sand to me and an airplane like a bird. And the reflection of my  physical self  seems larger than all of them, the cars, the plane, the dragon fly and the whole world beneath me.What would cause me to look smaller than all of them, I contemplate? And my dream from last night comes to my mind- A thud and me crashing down from the top of a building. That’s all that would require bringing me back to reality. That would be enough to remind me I am just a bubble waiting to burst and my delusion lasts as long as I am intact. Do I feel grateful for this life I have? And the multitude of possibilities of utilizing it for my ‘self’ and others? Some great star recently said when he needs a dose of humility he travels to ‘US’ J I think he just needs to get onto a rooftop and look down. Sometimes our egos are large than burj al khalifa maybe we need to look down from there once in a while. I think every man ought to do something for the other, share what he has rather accumulate. Emptiness of soul is nothing but a symptom of over accumulation. After all people often say I have it all and I still feel empty, you never hear that from a slum dweller. He still has not got everything. So the simple solution to boredom and emptiness is to give… share…..
And to think of it we end up paying masters and mentors to do this J, learning soft skills, lifeskills and ‘what not skills’ to discover this, while all you had to do was go upto your rooftop. No wonder people got realizations at Himalayas.
I still feel god like from this 4th floor looking down at those cars and dragon flies…………. J

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