Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Musings on Dementors

I am happy I found an interesting word today. I am indebted to my friend Shweta for pressing me to read Harry Potter. And today while reading the part 3- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I stumbled upon the word 'Dementor' it was interesting because we also recently discussed about individuals who made us unhappy. There is a secret chamber in our department where we recently felt our memories and soul being sucked out like a vaccum cleaner does. And the fun part is these individuals have no hoods and a mouth above their hoods to kiss us to death.

I belittled fantasy all the while but I guess a little connect to our realistic world through fantasy was all that I missed. I bet many don't connect it that way and just revel in the mystery of magic but down there somewhere I find in these magical stories revelation of the mundane 'muggle' ( human) world.

And now that I know these souls sucking creatures are called dementors and I can use a Patronus charm every time I feel my emotions being devoured it makes me feel safe. All I need to do is imagine the best moment I ever had or dream to have in future and I am sure the dementors will vanish with the help of my patronus. And then when I feel drained off all these efforts I could hit the cafe coffee day and order a 'devil's own' ( mind it no other potion) and feel myself regaining strength.

No wonder we had patron saints to pray to as children, mine as of now seem to be St. Sunoj, St. Shweta and St. Momma.


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obiter dictum said...

Ha Ha Ha!

Very funny and realistic at the same time...Having read Harry Potter series, as well as having spent some (not-so-quality) time in HSS, I figured it was time to write few blogs myself. But restrained myself from plunging into word wars within myself. But I could relate to what you must be experiencing after reading this.

On the happy side, I too have to thank Shweta to put me onto reading fantasy stories.