Friday, July 1, 2011

Life in Pixels

I don't remember which was the first picture I took, as I see a lot of people showing me the first picture they took and it did hold promise for them, and I don't remember the latest one either. Just like the way I often write (Bhujji would say I rarely do nowadays) I try to do a little bit of pictures as well, not sure if it comes out as well. Can't say I know the science of it, but then a point and shoot camera doesn't demand much.

So here is a series on pictures; not detailing the cameras that were used, a series on life around us; not on the lens specification and just about anything that fancies our eyes and certainly not about shutter speed and contrast ratio. Just plain point and shoot!!!!!!

A view from the backseat

Miss you tons

1 comment:

The quirk said...

Gr8 pics unfortunately the cam is with me and you cant shoot pics.Let's see what can be done about it.
Miss u too