Monday, July 4, 2011

Catharsis of a research scholar Part 3

If Facebook and Orkut never came my way I would have missed out on all my school friends from Kuwait. But now that I got to see them and What they do I am amazed at how things changed over the years. When I left after 10th we had no email ids but maybe those left behind studied together for 2 more years and could share email ids and stay in touch. I was all eager to get in touch with my school buddies but some even asked me " Teena Who?" and the others sounded bored to listen to what I was doing. And the remaining who did meet me got mauled in my pseudo intellectual wars. Sreeja remains but she's always been akin to me and I think we haven't grown beyond 10th std and all our experiences have grounded us to be who we are.

I woke up today and felt old ( few grays can do that to anyone) but then on facebook I saw pics of my buddies. And I began to wonder what is it that's giving me wrinkles and greys and the structure of a 60 year old. Am I going to die young? Maybe it's Chennai that's making me this or is it because I am not a doctor or engineer? Should I go for a massage or therapy?

And then I laugh at myself. "If not for research we would all look much saner, healthier and younger said my Senior from the next cubicle". And I wonder if it's true. When was the last time I watched a movie? read a comic? took more than 10 minutes to eat or shower? ironed my clothes or dressed up sweet? And why wasn't I doing it? And then it dawned that my senior was right.

If I went back to my school buddies I could pass for a tramp with what I am wearing today. That's what research does to last year scholars, makes you want to hide from school buddies :)
But lethargy has enveloped me so warmly that I would not change anything for anyone, anymore. And I know why I ended here today, coz I was meant to be here.

Sreeja, thanks for living next door at Blore and what a beautiful coincidence you are ;)

Note: These are random reflections please dont get back to me asking if I have a load of complexes buried in. I dont even edit or re-read what I write. And I atleast am honest to put up the honest thoughts I have rather than put on a mask and act cool.

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Sreeja said...

It was a pleasure to have a friend stay close by, and it was fun too....looking forward to your visit....