Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sad Periods

I feel low today not because of periods but because a friend's sister commited suicide more than a month ago and I got to know 4 days ago. Her family could not find out any reasons except for that she was constantly disturbed and depressed during her menstrual days and the doctors said her reports confirmed that her hormones were high during her death. I find it disturbing because I got to know about it the very next day of the "happy periods" post. I told it to a couple of my friends the girls just said an "oh" while some guys atleast discussed it with me. Perhaps every time this girl went through this crisis many said an "oh" and never bothered taking it further. Our tolerance and negligence topped with ignorance is at the peak.

I even expect some people to say I made this whole story up or its my feminist fancy.

I wish it was so because I just can't forget her face as I try to sleep. I know there is a lot more to worry about but I had to write this here though it would never make up a decent eulogy to a lovely girl I once knew, whose secrets lie safe with her deep down in that lonely grave.

Life never fails to amaze me every moment. The grim and Kafkaesque side appeals to me though. My dear friend calls Life a dark comedy and today suddenly the meaning dawns to me.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bridget,

I never misses any of your blog (but tis one). i have subscription so it gets delivered in my inbox. this was marked unread so read it just now.

the 'dark comedy' reference forced me to come online and post this comment.

Miss you greatly and miss you too much. but have no idea what to tell you on phone or write in mails.

enjoyed all your blogs and photos. photos inside the bus was excellent.

keep cool and chill maar yaar.

waiting for 'candidate no 1'