Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marriage FAQs - Part 2

So here we are again, bringing to light a few more of the compelling and intriguing questions that couples like us get to hear and answer.

Q.8: Are medical tests important before marriage?
A: if you are not very very sure that you don’t have AIDS then do get yourself tested. Don’t do high treason with your partner. If you are sure that you have headaches, then open-up and start medicines. Headaches cause lots of issues in married life. If you are very sure that you have syphilis, then own up to it, before the doctor makes a donkey of you, in front of your partner.

Q.9: Should I let my wife work?
A: If you are not Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia, then you better want your better half to work. It is always advisable that she spend more time in front of the computer than in front of the idiot box. Moreover it gives the lady the means to buy you some surprise gifts and for you to borrow money, interest free, when your friends act pricey.

Q.10: Is it an issue if my wife earns more than me?
A: Research says that more of anything leads to problems. But you can solve this by making a pact that whatever extra one partner earns will be spend only on the other partner, who earns less. The fear of spending more can always be a motivation to earn less. But recent research also warn that more than salary, you should be worried about who you report to at your workplace. You don’t want to have the same boss, both at home and office!

Q.11: We always have fights deciding whose parents we should spend the holidays with?
A: If your parents are good with you spending the holidays with their counterparts then you really have adorable parents. Else drop the ball in their court by asking both the parents to come and stay with you. Usually the in-laws back out of such a proposition because they don’t want to share space and rights with their adversaries. But if they call your bluff and agree to play ball, you will have tough time juggling balls of thorns.

Q.12: My wife is very beautiful and I am uncomfortable. What to do?
A: Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but you don’t go scratching those eyes if it belongs to your neighbour. You got mesmerized by her and that's why you had said yes in the first place. Ideally your chest should swell up with pride when you see the guy next door eyeing the wifey. But sooner than later he will end up at your door step looking for spanner, sugar or paper. It is then important that you should have the six packs beneath your chest to take care of the bumble bees.

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