Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I had a lousy start for New Year. I was down with flu. Though I was down for few days I chose
Jan 1 for seeing a doctor. Being sick makes us all pessimists. At the moment I hate the Institute, the insti hospital, the mess food and my department. The reasons are specific and unspecific but I love the hating part. I broke a lovely sandal of mine on the 1st of Jan in the middle of the road and walked barefoot. Since I was dressed in black and modestly I might have been mistaken for an Ayyapa devotee. Oh regarding young women not allowed at Sabarimala I have quite a few grey hairs and my face looked too aged with the fever I could have passed for a 60 yr old easily. The best part of New year was that I met my friend Lakshmi and her new born. And ofcourse I had WHO with me for New year though I was sad we could not celebrate New Year with me being sick.

For New Year resolutions I got quite a lot this time to start with I would want to take care of all my health issues and exercise my body a lot and not my mind. I am on a serious-track- my books -down mission.I am at the moment surrounded by a lot of neagatives and am gonna stay in my I hate this....... phase.

Hope you all have a fabulous New Year , I somehow am pessimistic about mine.

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