Thursday, July 22, 2010

Animals are beautiful people

I was waiting for the next pic and look what I found ? My friend Tessy called me to her room frightened, seeing this humble being. Frankly I was confused too.We could not understand how he/she got in. I even frightened her more saying scorpion would have laid eggs somewhere in her room. Thankfully she did not step on it and get bitten which was quite possible coz we open our doors in darkness.
I consulted 'Who' coz he claims to be an expert with snakes and scorpions. He suggested to take best pics possible before thinking of killing or throwing the scorpion away. I smiled remembering love for animals is something we have in common. But Tessy was hysteric and we had to murder this soul lest he bites someone in the darkness. I guess this corner of our hostel is jinxed we got a snake once and now a scorpion. Will post the snake's pic next time.

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jasmine said...

When i was in my previous room (that happens to be ur previous room too), small frogs and centipedes used to pay regular visits to my room. Ofcourse poor souls like me n tessy who happen to think that 'animals are not that beautiful people' will be frightened unlike bhuji n you know who.. :P