Monday, February 15, 2010

Two minutes

There are the things that take a long time to do, even ages, sometimes life itself and then there are the two minute ones. Today, while I was within one such event, it dawned on me how frequently we use the term, without giving a thought to how it has come to became a part of our lexicon.Some of the occasions where I frequently come across it are

* Stepping out of home for some sundry business and mom asks, “where son?” my reply, “Two minutes”.

* Dad’s not happy with me glued to the idiot box, “How much more?” he asks. "Two minutes".

* When will you go to sleep, tomorrow is not a school holiday. In "Two minutes".

* The test invigilator and I are pulling at each ends of the answer sheet, he asks, “what?” "Two minutes" please.

* The Math problems were always the problematic ones but still for whomsoever it was a concern, it will be solved in "Two minutes”.

* Friends are fuming outside the theatre with tickets in hand, “where on earth are you”. Almost there, another "Two minutes".

* The pizza delivery guy is pushing the limits of my hunger. But the outlet says he’s just "Two minutes" away.

* Banging the door of the hostel loo at rush hour. Out comes a struggling voice, “Two minutes”.

* It’s my turn on the computer now, a stern voice to my brother. Doesn’t even look back at me, “I know, Two minutes”.

* Boss is curious to know how much will take me to give him the report, due from yesterday."Two minutes" sir.

* Colleagues are calling me to join them for lunch. “Two minutes yaar. Just need to give this report to boss”.

* The auto driver has been driving around for a while, but how much more to go you ask him. Just "Two minutes", the reply.

I am sure the list is endless. But sometimes the "Two minutes" really gives the perspective on life and its frailty against the odds of you being at the wrong place at the wrong time. We marked two minutes silence today, for the soul of one of our colleague who passed away, caught in the bomb blast which happened on Saturday 13th Feb in Pune. If only they had two minutes.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen

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bhasha said...

hey! me nt aware... who got caught in Pune bomb blast? will find out...