Saturday, November 7, 2009

Video games for raping skills

I was baffled by a link forwarded to me on orkut which referred to a new video game that was designed to give users a high through testing raping skills. Times of India link of Nov 7 could throw more light into this

I was paralyzed seeing the word ‘rape’. The thought of an incident as such makes me shudder and in this Chennai rains when it’s chilly, I am sweating with panic. I am not unaware of such games online, neither am I unaware of material and literature on violent sexual acts. Child porn is an industry and heaven for peadophiles. I have heard people discuss about child porn movies and I did believe they had the potential to influence the subconscious.

But video games are totally different because of the very nature and content they represent. It firstly gives children the privilege to use them considering it was meant for them. The transition from cartoons and animation to video games of violence and sexual nature is seen so obvious among youngsters today that it is difficult to divide a line of control between don’t and do. And then again right to sexuality is becoming a concern among our generation. I have nothing to comment on right to sexuality but violating someone’s right’s is injustice and with high rape statistics in a country like ours access to such games is potentially harmful.

My first encounter with such a contraption was when I dealt a case study of an adolescent who was addicted to porn games like shoot the penis and vagina. I could not fathom what pleasure he found and did he really fantasize it. But my understanding on the issue was grounded when he began talking promiscuously and behave precociously.

The power of the subconscious is not unknown to us and even if we are ignorant, those in research, production, sales and marketing know it better. So each time such a toy or game lands in market it has more buyers.Hence, no point in arguing playing games on rape will not instigate such instances. I am not being biased here and for those who won’t read the India time’s article above, this game mentioned is about raping a mother and daughter in a train, subway and other places. I don’t want to go into the details of groping, undressing games online with superspecialised gay games.

The divide between individual choices on sexuality and right to involve in sex games are blurry . With cyber police admitting their job is to deal with international security, the entire burden to tackle this issues is confined to schools and families who have no stake in porn movies and video game industry and are in no way responsible for this mess. As for the commercial and IT sector perhaps they get away distinguishing morality from ethics.

Reminds me of a question a Btech on campus asked me recently- Can Technology be ethical? Does technology have moral obligation. She argued technology has no responsibility because we human design it. So where do we stand? Are we responsible? How long will we get away with the typical school essay which says technology is like a knife it can cut an apple and kill people too J

Please don’t tell me rapes have been happening all along so how can you say games will increase it. There are sufficient studies on graphic movies increasing rape. And my biggest concern is why do we need to improve rape skills?????? Skills denote the fact we need practice to master something that will yield a result. So what skills are we hoping to master here?

I thought we should at least ponder on these lines, or be informed. To me the word rape brings a shudder and when I think of an industry instigating it – I am speechless.


Unknown said...

Don’t remember where I read this- the top industries in the world (profit-wise) are ones with no benefit to mankind. They are- Ammunition, Drugs, and Pornography
The sad part as Bhuji mentioned is, even kids are not spared

silentblogger said...

hi da,
i did some reading on this recently. surprised to know you wrote about this. yeah. its gross and painful but reality.

The quirk said...

Good to see comments on this. And when its comes from people in IT it's interesting Melvin.

And silent blogger I already wrote an article for your aunt's school on internet addiction remember so don't get surprised :)

Lakshmi said...

I never heard about it before and was shocked to hear this. I got a shiver after reading it. Its very upsetting at the same time frustrating that kids who are supposed to play like butterflies are not spared.

rajagiri friends said...

It is really shocking to hear that such a game is available in stores. Oh God! Where are we heading!

Will these perverts ever think what is sex and real purpose of it? These criminal game manufacturers perhaps thought only about sales and profit while creating it. Even kids are not spared and all kinds of bad things are injected into these budding minds. My heart ache’s thinking of this cruelty.

"Right to sexuality"…What a satanic thought Ugh! Doing injustice and forcing somebody for one's own pleasure is not only barbaric but also cruel, which can be done only by an inhuman person. No doubt it’s a crime to nature as well as to humanity. Unfortunately most are in a blind run after sexual pleasures and that too through forcing the opposite sex to surrender or by cheating.

The problem in all this is, most of the individuals are blind to the purpose of life and to other happiness that exist in this world, they don’t even give a little thought in this direction. It is really sad that most human beings are unable to experience highest joy in life and it makes me feel how pathetic these people are to think that ultimate happiness in life is in sex. It seems most of these profanes are cowards also because they are now afraid of a mature prey, they go for innocent kids.

Somebody once told me its not "first night" its "first rape"...maybe for enhancing the success rate on the first day these games are being designed by few alien techies. Wow! What a great contribution to the society they live in…. is it for engineering perversion products these people mastered? It’s a shame that government and society is not bothered about such evil things and are allowed to flourish in the name of IT and business.

Living in a society where values, loyalty, respect for others and soul is buried has become the toughest part of life. It gives hope and happiness that still there are few good souls bold and empathic in this beautiful world, which makes me respond to your blogs along with possible action in real life, within my limits....expecting more from you. God Bless!

Adaina Khangchian said...

Well, I am not really surprised, neither shocked. It would amount to being unrealistic, reacting otherwise. Infact, I expect more of these to come and invade our lives, culture & soceities. I certainly don't belong to that optimistic bunch of fellas, where, one fine day, the 'paradise lost' will be regained. However, by no means, am i supporting such newer & creative forms of perversion. But just that this is the world we live in.....We gott'a face it, and face it right.

We need to redeem sexuality back and let it have its rightful place in our lives. The whole notion of sin, shame, control, policing etc associated to this by all sorts of institutions - religious, cultural, academic and even political, creates more curiousity, tickles the morality, generates more neurotic and psychotic mad responses to such regulatory regimes. Leave them alone and things will even off, hopefully, before the sun sets.