Monday, November 30, 2009

From Ms to Mrs Libra

Wedding bells wedding bells jingling all the way.
Wedding season has reached our blog flying all the way.

There was once a feminist

And an analyst

When they met, things were hazy
And they drove each other crazy
And when they fought there was frenzy

But soon fell in love, so very rozy

We are happy to announce the wedding of Ms Libra to Mr Leo

Well that means Ms Bhuji ( me - Teena Augustine) is getting married to Mr Who
(Sunoj Samuel a.k.a the editor)

We invite your presence, request your prayers and seek your blessings Watch out for the remaining parts on the series on "marriage matters- Journey to the altar", on our blog.

Please vist our wedsite
for more details.


jils said...

i wanted the first comment to be mine....
i use this column to officially congratulate Mr. Who n Ms. Bhuji n i bless u with the power vested in me by the lord, wait wait...i'm no priest to bless u ppl like tht, n i'm no official to congratulate like tht here it comes....

"aasakalum pratheekshakalumai dambathya jeevithathileku kaleduthu vakunna ningaliruvarkum orayiram poorna chandranmare kanuvolam kaalam santhushtamaya oru vivahjeevitham aasamsikunnu"

Mr. Who, if u don't understand this crap( well i don't feel it is tht crap :P) ask bhuji, she may be able to explain...cme to me in case if she fails, which has a probability of ZERO....

jasmine said...

but therz sum missing elements in marriage matters.. journey to alter...
congratulate cheythu maduthu.. ini ippo poyi kettu enna line aanu better... manassundel kurachu vellom thinnanum vangichu thaa. :P

for mr who, you try to learn malayalam in english please. I cant translate.. :(

Sudheesh said...

Well, well...I hope the altarscapegoats know that the demands are high this time. Thanks to you, I have new year plans now :) Turkey or Naadan Kozhi, pull out your best china this time; none of those flea-market impulsive-shopped ones please. Are we having a fancy-dress party after that? Tell me, coz my Inca costume has not returned to the retailer. It need not be royal, royal can also be dragqueen; just something to the save the evening from turning beige. I know I don't get to be the groom's best man, but that's okay.Diana crashed before she could invite me to her engagement; I have to make up in Kakkanad.Life is still a good thing to do in spite of infuriating newer versions of softwares and a comp with a dead battery.Watch You've got mail, Sweet Home Alabama, Bride wars and Made of Honor in that order, meanwhile. And by the way, happy married life in advance. I bet that my marriage will have flash player sparklers in wedsite, kutty-girl-running-arounds, Amsterdam town hall and a fruitarian priest.Tschuss.