Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Tribute to you my dear

For those unheard voices stifled in dark rooms,
For those enslaved in their world of nothingness,
For those missing laughters drowned in the sea of sedatives,
For those tired eyes longing to see their loved ones,
For those muffled cries that never reach their near ones,
For those dear departed- dear yet departed,
For those sores chained to mind and body,
For those helpless who can’t see the light of any day
And all those who will never wake from their deep sleep
To all those far away from this world- This is my tribute to you.

Mentally unstable – the words stung hard.I looked across the table, those eyes hardly recognised me. Those eyes which spoke a lot without words seemed dead. Why do all my tales fill with woe? I really don’t know. As the doctors’ voice slurred in my brain like a metal crusher on road I looked out side the window. The morning dew had melted long back, the same petunias and roses looked colourless to me. It was like a de javu I knew this was going to happen, I sensed uneasiness when I started this journey today morning. Your family has to be really strong. The patient has to be left here. That grasp on my hand and nails digging in did not make me wince then. I was too dazed, maybe I was the one intoxicated. I did not protest when they took away my soul. The protest, those black iron bars which separates the sane from insane still haunts me. Those cries in the corridor and dark, ill ventilated rooms still choke me.
I know I betrayed you and you died then.

Mentally unstable – the words stung hard. It still does when people accidentally stumble upon those trodden wounds and ask casually did I hurt you ?

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it reveals our passion - and it shows Your love