Thursday, March 19, 2009

A note to anonymous followers

I am happy that you guys are following the blog. Which means you want to know what nonsense I will write in future. But I would be delighted if you could reveal yourselves, give me some feedback rather than just be silent spectators. Hope that is not too much.

Well folks Its my 60th blog, well some are my favorite readings and if I take the one's not commented as unpopular then I don't think 60 is correct.

New followers please go to older posts too. And those of you who mail me about your likes and comments why don't you post it here?

Thanks for reading.... promise to continue the series of Spinster bratz as some of you asked for more and wait for the new series on Incredible India.




santiago said...

ee post enne udheshichanu,
enne thanne udheshichanu,
enne mathram udheshichanu...

pakshe ithu kondonnum njan comment ezhuthilla mole!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

If my mother would have called to ur house ,then it would be another chance to make a new blog.
Ha ha......
sorry only joke
It is really nice