Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spinster bratz and shopping day

I always promise not to accompany people for shopping. I am a disgrace to my own gender when it comes to shopping. Clothes are last on my priority list and I buy what I like. I never bother if its out of fashion, too common. I really don't know how things come in and go out of fashion. I always made it a point I wear what I liked and not what some media dictated.

Well things were different with the person I was accompanying. She was an elephant on stampede when it came to clothes. She put me to shame by telling the names of all sorts of fabrics.Tusker or Jaipur silk is just silk to me.She asked me questions too confusing that after 45 minutes I gave up.I ended up in a corner observing the women ranting and panting ( leaving the men folk with them chanting). The colours around and music help me survive. I know I am hopeless, I don't believe any clothing above 5oo bucks is worth. I would not know how costly a fabric is so I thought people were fools too. I was proved wrong by experts who sniffed the air around and said we are nearing Nallis and thats Pothys.

Well my friend the heroine of the story is getting married ( may her soul rest in peace) and she was buying stuff she thinks would look decent after wedding. I cant imagine myself doing it. They would have to hold me at gunpoint to make me do that. ( No rather threaten to burn my books- then I might shop dead) :) .

I enjoyed seeing eyebrows twitch and worry how their would be's , existing be's and non existential be's would see them :)

I think they should think about doing research on companion's stress while accompanying shopaholics deciding greys and blues.

Marvellous industry for mad men/women out here.

But I had a day-out seeing a spinster brat retiring and worrying about her presentations in future and all I do was visualise her like a soldier on field through my neverland glasses :) yelling "charge"


Irrin John said...

welll...teens you never understood fashion...all i can remember was YELLOW!!!!!Thatz all wat u had in mind!!also a person who never combs hair!!!
bt i guess u have changed from all that...we gt to catch a little with the trend though not too much...

Nj said...

well written scholar...i used to wonder if women are created to boost the shopping industry[cng the way they shop]???
It can be proved using the "experiment" of shopping that men are very low in patience and women r way ahead in that scale!!!
having said that nowadays men are also catching up:)so be ready with ur pen...hehe

Surya said...

women ranting and panting; leaving the men folk with them chanting. :)

It's nicely written. Now a days men are also keen about threading, highlights and facials. Good for fashion crazy people & related industries.

jasmine said...

i'll hav to say i agree with aftr yesterday's expedition with a FOI... [:P]