Thursday, February 5, 2009

We’ll not spare dating couples on Valentine’s Day : Muthalik

For the first time I laughed rather get agitated reading news which was so irritating. We will not let couples date and if anyone is found together we will make the priest marry them at the temple nearby. If they refuse us will make the girl tie a rakhi to the boy says Pramod Muthalik, just after being released on bail for the Mangalore issue. Well when I discussed this on breakfast table a girl said “well girls need not go to pubs, so if they got thrashed its not completely wrong”. I have nothing for or against Valentines and pubs. I just realise its just one day some rose sellers and greeting cards companies make money ( Oh no – its not a leftist indoctrination – hey and I have received valentines cards so don’t bother thinking is she jealous coz she never got one  )

People react differently some blame the western ideologies for penetrating and making ‘ ours’ impure. Beggars with bowls, children taking up prostitution, women being raped , elders being deserted on streets don’t worry the moral dictators – perhaps that’s India to them. But a girl seen with a guy worries them (maybe they are worried about population explosion)

Well they seem to have forgotten homosexuality – nowhere did they mentioned people from same sex would be forced to marry or tie rakhi . It seems a great Valentine day for the gays and lesbs 

Well and what a piece of tag ( rakhi) and chain ( mangalsutra) could do ? I am skeptical. Maybe these bozos should check up the recent stats on rape and abuses , where incidents of incest between brothers – sisters have also been mentioned . So if they force strangers to tie a thread in hope of restoring morality things seem dismal to me . I wonder if he knows about marital rape and domestic violence or perhaps its an accepted dictate in his code of ethics. Once a woman wears that shackle decorated with black beads with an with an ICICI logo (the red line) who cares if she is beaten blue of burnt ?

Well a relief is that this time they would not beat up a woman alone, but the point is not about who gets beaten either. It’ s about how fundamentalists get strengthened in a nation and how the majority could be apathetic to it . People who disagree with this incident, still are silent because they are unhappy about how women have changed . The number of men questioning why jeans? What’s the ideal length of top, why women should not travel alone? women should speak in low voice and ideal place for the woman is at home is shocking in this highly evolved technological era ( as claimed).

Yeah now this will be rated feminist- But who cares I had a laugh reading the paper today. But then again a glimpse at Taliban -of women being shot in public trials for not covering face , wearing high heels, laughing in public by the moral dictators could send chills through your spine. If a country could transform to that level in two decades moral policing in a highly volatile nation like this cannot be left unnoticed.

Now if anyone wants to give me a moral dictate please lets have it on valentines day – I got no date.


Vaisakh P S said...

nice post...
but unlike you, i was feeling really agitated when i read the news. Was angry enough to knock the light out of him

The quirk said...

well I think I passed that phase it's funny , I feel sad for these guys.Thanks for the comments , do read when free .

Vaisakh P S said...

what does it mean by "catharasis" ?

silentblogger said...

teens, it was an amazing one. the best i have read in 2009. you should run the spell checker once before posting. you seemed to drafted it in hurry

prostitution, poverty, child labour are part of the system.

"we will tolerate all the eastern evils but wont let western culture creep in"

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great work. keep flowing