Thursday, February 5, 2009

A lot can happen over a coffee

Well the title sounds happening, but this is an account of a real story . I am fictionalising it a bit but I had a nice laugh listening to her. This is about a prospective bride ( my friend) and a prospective groom who met at " A lot can happen over coffee" . The groom looked like some constipated ape with an OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder).I don't mean all men are jerks. Well he was.

The talk/discussion/No..No interview/ Rapid fire session? yeah the rapid fire session began with assessment of bride's educational history, after a thorough inquisition fell the first 'Shell' from Mr Shell ( he works for Shell) - Would you mind sitting home (as in house wife)?

The bride looked pained ( after all this empathetic lecture on research life - what a suggestion)

Ok we will think about it later , continued the groom. What about the length of your top you wear with Jeans? The bride's eyes popped out ( Now this is a tougher question than why do you wanna use regression or annova?) , she smiled ( I would have got a measuring tape and asked him to measure)

See I plan to buy a car - I got a license but don't want to drive , do you have a driving license ?( The case was clear he wanted a driver cum aaya )

The bride asked what do you do in your free time ?

I work from 2pm to 12pm so I sleep, walk and surf online in morning. ( and he expects her to sit home)

Groom asked the next anlaytical question - How do you travel from here to Adayar?
( did he copy questions from some SSB paper? )

Well I just take a bus from the institute to main gate or cycle she replied.

No...No how do you go to Adayar by auto or bus? ( was he testing her budget allocation, decision making?? god knows)

Bride started feeling helpless she started looking around but Mr Shell had no intentions of stopping the rapid fire session, she regretted not wearing white or else she could declare a cease fire, well showing a napkin would help but did Mr Shell's comprehension of cease fire seemed doubtful.

And in the next seat Mr Shell's mom tells the bride's sister , he somehow never likes any girl he meets, he get irritated soon and finds faults in everyone...My poor boy is so unlucky.....

Bride smiled ... contending how lucky she was to join those girls who survived similar rapid fires.


Vaisakh P S said...

you even my sister had to go through some similar experience (that too in CCDs). I was there like a "karnor" (more like a referee)....

Vaisakh P S said...

i still remember the look on her face.. like an SOS

Jinson said...

it is a good visual