Friday, February 13, 2009

Spinster Bratz and Valentine's eve

Another Valentines day passed away. We the single women gang of five decided to celebrate the success of my comprehensive viva at cafe coffee day. I was dead tired but my wingmates seemed excited. In a researcher's world strings are pulled by our demi god- the guide. Mine seemed happy after the viva performance.He said something in German before we split for weekend which roughly meant " Have a gr8 weekend ". Another friend's irritating guide is out of town, though he saddled her with loads of work. But anyways all looked happy after a long time. CCD as usual had nothing the menu card claimed so devil' own ( guess who found the name) and chocolate frappes was our destiny on Val's eve.

Sometimes coffee stimulates brain that it makes you feel drunk, we counted the list of men enemy on campus and made a hit list to get our revenge on. Set out to labs to hunt them out. We planned strategies to corner them .Then our darling FOI said , lets stick to our standards, hunting men is substandard. But I said ok lets wish Happy valentines to some nice men. We were laughing cracking jokes on the road at midnight a sight which irritates the average man , a passerby commented these girls are mallus - so what you fool I yelled feeling satisfied. We paid a visit to a friend's lab his labmate a guy all alone got terrified seeing us four girls together especially me standing with my famous " hands on hips " pose.
" kya hua" the guy asked reminding us of helpless heroine in Hindi movies. I realised 4 women could terrify a guy. So satisfied with our saddistic valentines torture we walked back singing, joking, whistling, admiring couples, cursing our pasts, soothing our wounds and celebrating our singlehood.

As we signed our hostel register asking if this is a parole list , Toi remarked who knows when will we go out like this again? Life has got so confined to research world that words tumbling out are jargons , and life has turned so methodical that fun like this is made to look sin.

But this was a one hell of a Valentines day , unplanned gathering and loads of fun ... who says single women can't have fun?

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silentblogger said...

Belated Valentine's day wishes.
i could "see" your day as i read through.

take care