Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your not being around

Your not being around does not pain me
Actually it’s the void that annoys me
Remember I promised not to miss you
But now I realise how much I do

You were never the comforter
You were but my staunch supporter
Do you still remember the good old times?
The pranks we planned
The dreams we shared
That definitely was the best of times

Where did we go wrong?
Did I grow up or did I grow out
When was that moment I moved out
Why didn’t I know you weren’t strong?

It takes a life time for some to know their dear ones
It takes someone’s life to tell them their dear one
It cost your life to tell us what you were
It cost you , your life to tell me who you were

Did I forget to ask you how you are there
I always smile when I goof asking if you are bored there
Time and space cannot steal your presence
Memories cannot steal from me your essence

I regret for what you never told me
I know those secrets you buried from me
Did you know they echo around?
How I wish I could turn around

I hate you for not being with me
I hate you for making me a bold dummy
But of all I hate you daddy
For loving me the most and believing in me

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