Thursday, December 18, 2014


Knowing what wants from life is a mission in itself. I think our efforts at every point in life be it through journal wiring, mulling, quitting a job, taking up a hobby, breaking off a relationship, entering into debates with our loved ones, becoming  a rebel to the family- essentially they are all different paths we choose to understand what we want from life. My hubby makes this an existential crisis altogether. He goes into what is the purpose of life- mode once in a while. And this phase comes in when I challenge the philosophical being in him. And then when I ask him why don't you pursue this line of thought he says he has to earn a living so he would rather let this thought rest. Though this response irks me (because it has a subtle hint that I have the luxury to ponder while he toils), I know it is his defense because given an atmosphere to write and not do anything I see my hubby frantically pacing like a guinea pig. The poor soul hardly knows what to do when he is free. 

That brings me back to where I began do we actually know what we want from life. If not is it not adventurous to embrace every new turn on this untraveled road with the enthusiasm of a roadie? That is what keeps me motivated each day. Some ask me why did you struggle to complete a PhD and now you bake and cook. I wish I could tell them I don't mind taking new roads in this process of self discovery. The journey is more important than the roads or the destination. But how do I explain this to people who are fixated on reaching the destination and never exploring again?

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