Friday, October 4, 2013

Italian Cooking Class

There's good news to share with you. After three years of blogging I have decided to take the next step- of teaching cooking and I  have decided to start with Italian, something I am very passionate about. My love for Italian cuisine grew after my visit to Italy in 2010, where I was on a project for 3 months. I hadn't read Eay Pray Love then but when I read the book after I returned I felt like I was revisiting the Italian culture of gastronomy through Gilbert's book. It's one thing to eat a cuisine and another thing to learn it from imbibing the culture, I guess to me that kind of an experience happened in Italy. In Italy I learned cooking was fun, at times unorthodox and that every recipe had it's own story.

In this cooking class I will be teaching some basic Italian recipes. I will start with three basic sauces, followed by three kinds of pastas using these sauces. We will also explore a Classic Italian frittata, Aubergine Parmigiana and end the class with something Dolce- Pana Cotta
I will be providing the participants m recipe notes, the key ingredients required for basic Italian cooking and the standard equipment one must have at hand to cook Italian.

I would like to work with small groups so I am considering 10 participants for each class. The classes will be held at Doddanakundi, Bangalore on 19th and 20th of October between 10 am to 1pm.
Do mail me at for further queries on registration and other related concerns. Please reserve a seat for yourself on either of these days by mailing or calling me and bring in a plastic container to take your sample dish back home.
You can also contact me at 9243506427

Hope to see you soon.

"Lascia cuoco Italiano" ( Let's cook Italian)

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