Thursday, May 17, 2012


She stared at her daughter for some time. She loved watching her play with her grandson. It was all so noisy yet the mood of the day was calm and serene when they started playing.
He has your father’s dimples, the mother said.
After a long silence the daughter hummed
And  you know what?, I have heard your granny say your dad had a smile like that when he  did something mischievious.
I wish your dad was with us, he would have loved comparing his nails with junior’s. They are fan shaped like an artist's a musician's.
I am sure he will play the violin like your dad … dear.
Silence….. Silence…..
But you need to admit this that  your kid got his hair from me.
Mom but you have straight hair.
So what ? But we both have the same shade of  brown.
Mom can you cut the crap- I am your adopted daughter. How can  Junior have anything in common with you or dad?
Oh honey I  really forgot that.
 I really did forget that.

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