Saturday, April 14, 2012

Catharsis of a research scholar part 6- Chocolate the viagra for researchers

For someone never addicted or in praise of chocolate, my life turned topsy turvy when I landed in Italy for my internship. Was it the weather, alienation in a new land or missing my newly wedded life, I felt depressed. And this was precisely the point when an Italian friend of mine suggested Belgian chocolate. Though a foodie, chocolate never fit into my diet. I always associated chocolate to calories. But my first dose of Belgian chocolate made a world's difference. If I could put it in simple words I felt as if my worries were floating with me. And that's when I changed my perspectives on chocolate. I firmly believe in the power of chocolate. In fact it has harmonised, balanced, controlled my mood swings for the past 3 years. Every time I see bourbon, choco chip, dark fantasy, oreo and any other form of chocolate , I realise I am not the only chronic addict around. Some tell me it's a woman's thing . Beer to men as chocolate to women they say. I got no clue in this regard except for it is my key to sanity and a researcher should have few tricks up his sleeve and chocolate is definitely a resourceful one.

So for your seminars and viva's, presentations and paper writing if there's one magic ingredient you should look forward to it's chocolate... chocolate.... chocolate.
I would even prescribe it for loss of appetite and insomnia because it makes you feel lot better and suddenly generates the feel good factor. A bar of snickers is a worth a lunch in terms of calories.
I even have my favorites for different occasions like snickers on a day I had heavy meals and want to skip a meal. Bournville when I have stomach cramps. Mint flavoured chocolate when I can't sleep. Bourbon or Dark chocolate when I feel depressed and Cadburys raisin and nuts when I am extremely pleased with myself.

I never loved chocolates as a kid, in fact I thought it was kid's stuff and I was too mature to have chocolates. As an adult I guess I would feel pretty much the same if I was not a researcher and not forced to find cures for my insanity and frustration. So as I nibble on dark fantasy philosophising on the wonder drug for successful research I cant stop myself from reminding you all---- Chocolate is the viagra for successful research

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