Saturday, September 24, 2011

On turning 28

As this day ends I feel drained. I feel old suddenly and judging by the fact my greys count more than my years on this earth I feel ancient. I am surprised at the gifts that poured from all over. I got more than I can expect and I dont think I need to shop for clothes this year though it's considered an understatement by many. I am just happy reading my mom's bday card msg. It amazes me that cards do express what people want to say.

" Your birthday reminds us of a girl who used to run around us, asking for some favours...
That girl has grown into a young woman, who is still 'running' not around anybody but running the house...... We feel proud of you, we feel so proud of our girl, shouldering her responsibilities so well"

I felt so much at peace reading those unexpected words today.

Just made some fish fillet in white sauce with sauted veggies. I hate fish but my dear ones do. It was worth those smiles on their faces. That's all that life means to me at 28 some smiles on some faces.

Thanks guys for all the wishes and the gifts.

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Thinkerbelle said...

Happy Birthday! You are still on the right side of 30! :)