Thursday, July 28, 2011

In the city of lakes was born a Prince

Long time ago in the city of lakes was born a Prince under the sign of the Lion. The king and queen were so pleased to see the baby boy with curly hair and the killer smile.The king invited all the fairies in his kingdom to come bless the baby.

12 fairies came up to meet the baby boy. Fairies granted him a wish each.
"May he have crooked teeth with a killer smile that will sweep the hearts of many", said the first fairy.
"He'll be great with words and meet his destiny through words" said the second fairy.
"He has a heart of gold and noone can ever fight him", said the third fairy.
"His love for weapons will keep him amused and resourceful",said the fourth fairy.
"He will fare well at any job he chooses and will be lucky with numbers", said the fifth fairy.
"He will weep for his loved ones and win their hearts with his softness", said the sixth fairy.
"He will get all that he desires and have a blessed life", said the sixth fairy.
" He will travel on path less travelled and cross the seas", said the seventh fairy.
" He will have many friends who will quote him as a role model in life", said the eight fairy.
" He will have a great appetite and a healthy body to enjoy life to the fullest", said the ninth fairy.
" He will plan like noone has and amaze his loved ones with his meticulous nature", said the tenth fairy.
" He will be obsessed with cleanliness and order which will be an asset in his later years"said the eleventh fairy.

The baby boy smiled and cooed in his bassinet. Before the twelfth fairy could bless the baby boy there came in a witch whom the King had forgotten to invite. In her seething anger she cursed the baby
" You cannot be too perfect to enjoy these blessings, I will create an imperfection with which you wont enjoy all that was bestowed over you". She then shrunk the baby boy;s left palm and flew away.

The queen and king were shocked to see their baby boy was no more perfect. "He will survive", said the queen. " But with such pain?" asked the king.

The twelfth fairy had not yet blessed the prince and came forward and said " It can't be undone but I can help. He will conquer the world despite the curse and fall in love incurably with the chosen one who'll meet him in a red and white cloak 29 years from now"." He will also kill the witch and open his world with a sword on the night of his 31st year, for the sword is his treasure that will lead to his destiny".

The king and queen were too dazed to believe all that happened. The prince grew up into a handsome young man with the curls and killer smile. He got good at words and numbers. His heart of gold won him many friends but he never met his lady love.
And years later through his world of words he met his lady love and when she met him in real she was dressed in red and white.

But he still has not found the sword to open the oyster and kill the witch.He has been patiently waiting for the night of his 31st year, the night he gets his sword and his destiny changes forever. He hopes he lives with his lady love fighting over and over forever and then they perhaps can live happily ever after. But the sword and that night awaits him...............

Happy birthday my prince from the city of lake. Your sword awaits you and so does your destiny


Parvathi said...

Happy B'day Who.U wuld be one of the few Prince to have such a beautiful story written by your lady love on ur B-day..Such a beautiful fairytale Bhujii..cant stop admiring ur literary skill :)

Adaina Khangchian said...

This is a lovely piece. May your Prince 'Live' through and complete this promising Fairy tale that you so beautifully constructed. The wish coming in rather belated though :-)

SK said...

Dear Prince,
Hope you liked the sword that awaited you and Madam Lady Love, for someone who doesn't like fantasy, this is truly well written and well ... fantas(y)tic!

Who said...

Many thanks to my citizens.... the prince and princess offers their humble gratitude for all your well wishes :)