Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hi folks

Hi folks

I know its been a long time since we blogged. WHO is lazy to blog or rather too busy at work that he cant take his mind off from work even on weekends. Besides this has been the longest hoilday I had and first time WHO and I stayed together. So after five months I am back to my institute to finish my PhD. I sort of blog a lot when I am there. Maybe its coz I dont have any other hobbies there. These days I was so engrossed with my food blog , though I thought I would manage both the blogs well I admit I could not. I was nurturing the new blog like a new born baby and WHO didn't take care of my first born blog :(

Well when I get back I can't cook so I would rely on my stocked pics and recipes which means I am gonna be more active here. Now does this sound like a justification for neglecting my first born ;)

I guess I lived my life to the fullest in the last 5 months. I cooked like mad, mostly to blog them. We had lots of guests home( naturally I needed guinea pigs for testing the treats before I blogged them) The good news is that they are all fine and alive so my recipes can be trusted.

I learned pottery and it boosted my confidence. Each time I learn something successfully I tell myself I am still intelligent to learn new stuff. Or rather I try testing my intelligence by experimenting new stuff. And clay opened a new world to me. I also did a painting and tried my hand at photography.

What I didn't do well was blogging caught up in myriad of events. But then this blog is a catharsis remember? I need stress to ventilate. So I guess it was meant to be done here.

I also began groom hunting for my sis and Marriage matters part will strike again with the sequel. I wish we travelled a bit but then I was on a holiday WHO wasn't.

In short we have a lot of posts lined up and I hope you guys will forgive the long silence.

Hey all foodlovers please check out my food blog and comment generously.



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