Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moooooonica.....Oooooh my darling!

Monica a.k.a Moni a.k.a the younger nun, all are names of this humble personality who gave us abode when we were transiting from Mumbai to Bangalore. A cheerful being, who breaks the stereotype of a nun being stoic and ascetic. I am sure you need a great a heart to serve the lord.

Bhuji was sure I would like her convent, with its birds, trees, animals and farms, because of yours truly being a 'country' fellow. And to say without doubt, I did like it. Her convent at Carmelaram, en route to Sarjapur, away from the Bangalore crowd and madness, sky rises and dingy lanes, was a welcome change. To some extent we found the place as alluring as Kamshet.

We spent three days at the convent, with prayer and tranquility and got the much needed sanity to start our new journeys. Though the convent is a place for prayer and worship, and we would not want to project it as a Home stay, we were kept is great comfort and care by the sisters there and we feel indebted for it. Here we give you a sense of the place, with Bhuji adding the much needed charm and perspective.

A beautiful morning

A pond full of water lillies

The calm & docile Bianca ('White' in Italian) , a hound, was rescued by the convent.

Blacky, was not that approchable

A scary looking any hill

Lemon tree

The Chikku girl



A variety of bean I saw for the first time.

Gooserberry upclose

Gooseberry, long angle

Never seen a Jack kissing the ground

And where you could pluck a coconut standing on the ground.

Same goes for the Ram-phul

Ram-Phul in macro

Cutie pie

And here we give you Sr. Monica and as we said before, she's a darling.

P.S: I trying to help the convent to get a regular source of food for the pigs, which would basically be the leftovers from the cafeterias and canteens of companys or hotels, in and around Sarjapur. The convent is ready to come and pick it up from the company or hotel. If anyone of you would be able to speak to the admin guys in your company or spread the word around, as an act of charity, or can suggest any other option, would be a great help.

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jils said...

guess this place is the present day paradise :)... when we come to bangalore u r taking us there ;)