Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marriage matters - journey to the altar part 8

I was tensed. For one I could not face 'WHO'. After all a wedding with the groom and his brother alone was not my dream but what went through his mind hurt me more. 'WHO' had cancelled his parents' tickets to Kerala, fearing last minute tampering by them in our new plans. Parents are intuitive they must have sensed it some how because a day after his parents told him they are with him and to let them atleast attend the wedding. This wedding was getting to be the wedding of the millenium. People were already gossiping about the change of venues and that for second, tensed me more (Looking back now though I feel stupid for worrying what people thought) .

But people could not understand why a guy's family would agree for both ceremonies at girl's place; something sure was fishy. I started fretting over my relationship with my future in-laws . 'WHO' was nervous but assured me things would be fine and we both realised we shared the same temprament when it came to tackling crises. We realised there was no turning back and blaming each other for now this life was ours and everything that came along was part of this package called " Journey to the altar".

My sister kept me busy with beauty tips and visits to beautician. Finally we made it to the Wedding day after a lousy engagement where the groom's and bride's people sat apart with no interaction. From the dais it looked like a war to us and disturbed us in between our photo sessions. I did not wear my glasses but could sense the cold war from where we sat. We really enjoyed the pre marital course thereafter partially because we were happy looking at our rings and flaunting around to other couples who were not engaged yet. But maybe getting to talk to each other during the little intervals, without chaperones, made us very excited.

I don't remember much details about the wedding or my engagement. I am sure people who have been here and done this will agree. The mix of anxiety, excitement, pressure and with hundreds of people staring at you and add to that the solemnity of a malu wedding makes it an occassion which you just want to get done with. People told us the food was awesome but we could not eat to our heart's content posing for pics in between lunch. Not that we could have eaten otherwise because our hearts were in our mouths all the time. That's one thing I hate about weddings one never gets to enjoy food from one's own wedding (we are waiting to attend some wedding and enjoy the food).

My dad in law did have a tussle in front of the staging area asking us to pack up and stop photo sessions as he had to reach home at an auspicious time. This did panick my people and all the rituals were performed in fast forward motion.

But highlights of the day were that the people who dressed me forgot to tuck the starting tip of my saree and i kept stumbling on it. My mom saved me from being a laughing stock, standing there saree-less in front of the whole gathering.

But what I would never forget is vommitting in front of an Orthodox church where we were sent to light candles before entering my groom's place. ' WHO' promised to clean the mess which he didn't and next morning we saw someone had cleaned it by throwing some mud over it. They must have taken it for a drunkard rather a catholic travel sick bride and if they knew the truth lord save the next crusade.

And that's how we got married, it began with a mail and ended in vomit. Makes no sense huh? maybe you should read all the parts :)


Anonymous said...

"it began with a mail and ended in vomit." this make sense to me.

mailil thudangi, phone il continue cheythu pinne chalamayal vomitil theerum ;)

Manoj Samuel said...

Today they complete 1 year, Wishing you a happy Anniversary folks.

God Bless both of you.

Tried to reach you, so thought to drop in a line.

Big B