Monday, September 20, 2010

Incredible India through my eyes- Art of Kulfi making

Before Baskin Robbins arrived with their thirty one flavours and before Naturals started serving tender coconut and sitaphl, there was for sure the humble Indian ice-cream. This edition of Incredible India salutes the very nature of Indian Anthropology called "Jugaad" and serves to you, from the labyrinths of Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, the long forgotten technique of making ice-creams. Lest we go biased with words, we thought of telling this story through pictures.

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Ariana said...

Oh My as unhygienic as that looks, I want to fly over just to get a kulfi served on some almond leaves.
I havent had a kulfi made like that in 25 years. nice memories of growing up in Bombay.