Saturday, July 24, 2010

Candid Confessions

He said I am scared of being lonely and I am a loner
You would never find me alone for I am always in the world
But I was never of this world, and I knew I was a misfit
Perhaps it is because I am estranged from my loved ones
The ones who know me yet do not for they are of this world too
I prefer being hideous
when things are perfect I withdraw into the oblivious
I fight a lot and argue even more but
what my friends you do not know
is that i buy everything you say and get hurt
though I never show it
They have the power to hurt me and
yet they beleive I am invincible.
I still cannot sleep without lights on and
I am scared of the darkness.
I love animals more than human beings
and my books more than my friends.
I can be very demanding and nasty at times
and I am labelled possessive.
And why am I writing it here?
because its my catharsis and
I am supposed to be venting here
rather entertaining readers alone.
Yeah I am melancholic but we all have the right to be so.
What will I gain by not writing it here?
A pain noone can fathom and bear
What do I gain by writing it here?
I can soothe my soul and wipe my tear
Fallen have I many a time
But never felt so hurt and grime
Worthless I feel not worth a dime
Something's changed forever and this is no rhyme
Someone has broken my heart and I can tell no soul
Someone has changed me forever and I am no whole.

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