Thursday, June 3, 2010

Animals are beautiful people

I was at a school in a very rural area of Tuticorin. The school was in a very desolate place with just few houses nearby. That's where I saw this sight. A horse and that too a very well fed one considering how impoverished the house and people living there were.
I thought the horse was their wage earner. But after few interactions a grandma of the family told me the horse was the pride of their family and they bought him with all their savings. It was their pet and they were not happy about making money out of him.
I was overwhelmed by their love and shocked as to how they managed to feed many mouths and still provided hay and grass to the horse. I have many friends still fighting with me for putting up animal pics and here is a family starving yet feeding a horse.

Well Human beings are beautiful people too ( occassionally)


prasad said...

some people think growing pets is pride, some think passion and some treat as the members of the family.

After all a animal is caring about other animals.

Being starved those people feeding that horse which is really showing the care and concern of civilized animal towards other animals.

Who said...

i think horse is a graceful person... one of the most widely seen subject in paintings... but again next only to cats :)