Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back r us

And we are back with a new status. From single to committed to married. It feels a little odd at times when the wedlock pricks and ring gets smeared with atta and dust.The moment I fidget with one of the two comes the stinging stare or shrieks reminding me the eleventh commandment " Thou shall not fidget with the symbols of thy slavery( married life):", though I did find his wedding ring from the bathroom twice in this brief period of 10 days.
Partnership in blogging is quite different from partnership in life. Well the editor is as crtical about adrak ki chai and channa masala as he is about my writing. I think I am in love with this city. Mumbai has it's own charm. What fascinates me is the drive and energy in the people around which is quite different from the lethargy and apathy at my place. We are reading Breathless in Bombay by Murzban Shroff , it's a must read for the Bombay lovers. Stay with us for the upcoming reads on journey to and after the altar. Till then comment on the wedding and engagement pics.

P.S - The editor chose pics in which he looks the best this does not mean these are my best ones ;)

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