Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some questions and advices to brides that leaves me clueless?

There are like FAQ’s addressed to me and for the first time I realised it’s not men but women who mostly afflict me with their unfulfilled dreams or dictums and commandments alien to me. I thought I should write them down now. Of course I can never copy and replicate some of their expressions on my replies.

1. So did you not go and shop all the sarees and accessories ???
2. It is a girls’ dream to be the centre of attention in these shopping spree
3. Do a bridal facial pack for three weeks
4. How can you stay apart ????????????????
5. You should spend six months together , research can be done later
6. How much is the wedding saree please get something above 10k
7. Where is the honeymoon? Go abroad pleassssssssseeeee
8. Never, never say no to a honeymoon
9. Buy candles, lots of them
10. Have you thought of you know those stuff shopping????
11. Hey get him a present on engagement
12. Listen to this music it’s romantic
13. Ok if you are buying make up get this water proof......
14. Meet you doctor
15. How much gold? 100 sovereign is fashion these days
16. Does he cook? Breakfast in bed???
17. Remember we need to be submissive, tame your anger
18. Managed to tackle future in-laws, focus on strategies?
19. Will he give you a diamond?
20. Make sure he chooses a good saree?
21. Diet ... eat fruits, exercise
22. Do yoga skin should glow
23. What flowers on bouquet? Which colour?
24. Will you have an orchestra playing on the wedding eve?
25. Will there be dance , I love jive
26. Can’t you wear a bindi or mehndi how sadddddd
27. Applying for scholarship after marriage? Are you maddd?
28. Why are you reading all the time? It is the time to dream baby
29. Please read this book on relationships
30. What is your rashee and his? But you guys aren’t .................


jils said...

are you applying for scholarship so that.....
he can buy you a diamond(well, he gets to save sme amt thr, rite :P),
wearing which you both can go abroad on your honeymoon(your air fare will be payed frm d scholarship i guess :D),
which in turn will help you,
to stay together n show others tht ur research is still going on,
to run away frm ur in-laws,
to dance which you won't be able to do while u r staying here,
to go to orchestras to listen to sme romantic music,
to try sme international make up to glow ur skin,
to do all d shopping u cudnt do here,
to be the centre of the shopping spree(nyway only u two will be thr n he'll be busy calculating the bill amt :P),
to make sure tht he chooses wat u likes(u'll be with him during d shopping, thn hw he is gonna get a chance to choose:(, poor fellow)

Discalimer: No offence meant!!!!

deeps said...

i think i need to read this after a coupl of months ..

rajagiri friends said...

wow so much faq's great! hahaha interseting! seems you both will have to face some faq's while on honeymoon also as golden mails hehehehe seems few are very keen that honeymoon is not missed by you..cute devils..hehehehe oh no! deeps is to return here hmmm.. ;-)