Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year

Dear diary,
Last New year when I was with the gang at Satyanilayam, I never imagined to be home the next new year anticipating my wedding day. Life changes so does people. I remember getting annoyed at friends who changed after wedding. What I really found hard to digest was when they said they were busy. I hated friends who relied on their hubbies and in-laws to decide their life. I never saw that happening to my friends who are working. Somewhere they seemed liberated enough to decide their own life. Now don’t ask me if liberated means to decide one’s own life. What I meant is at least my friends back at the institute agree with it when I say that the sky does not fall when married. Maybe they had learned to juggle these roles of wife and scholar (they got no option too)
But I have lost many good friends when they decided to marry. And this applies to girls alone. I have many friends who are men who claim they don’t meet their guy friends anymore. I think they mean no hang outs and booze parties, but I think they are better than girls when it comes to going for reunions and gang parties. But some say priorities does change.
I have friends who are watching my moves at the moment. I know they are curious to know if my hubby will draw the line or will my in-laws monitor my call list. I suddenly feel the insurmountable pressure of these eyes on me. Nothing will pacify their pre judged minds, those who want to believe a woman has no life of her own after she marries. Nothing will make them agree that our dear editor is as clear as his posts and gives me breathing space. As my good friend Jils asks why am I desperate to prove a point wont living it out answer all the queries. I have made too tall claims says our editor, and I love him for his analysis. Then again when I support him occasionally people remind me “Look whose changing”.
In a year’s time my priorities have shifted from ‘Life at IIT to Life at IIT and Life with ‘Who’. What still remains common in both the years is me- My transition from spinsterhood to commitment. And I hope I can do full justice to my new role without throwing away people and qualities I acquired from my old role.
I got no clue if men have similar thoughts? Maybe our editor could help me.

Dear readers we owe a lot to you for your support and comments. We got 9 more days on this journey to the altar so you might not find frequent posts like before. Please bear with us. Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.Hope you all have a blast.


Anonymous said...

seems like i underestimated how hurt you are.
any relation between women and keeping contacts would be wrong generalization. no such relation exist anymore. they consciously shift their priorities with a cover of excuses about the pressures of family, spouse, kids and in-laws.
pressure is definitely there for everyone but if such pressure makes anyone too busy for sending a mail a month or talk in a nice tone then it needs medical diagnosis.

happy new year

The quirk said...

Sony is this you???

echo said...

Nice Blog.......infact a blog with lots of depth...haven't seen for a long time