Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From " I do" to " I owe you"

This is a market. Procedures as simple as buying cars or even toothpaste. Advertisements more or less the same. Now Just read this

“ Seeking a girl from UK, US . Fair, obedient , disciplined and loving. From a good family with values. Any qualification”.

And now read this :

“ Want a cow , fair, disciplined, loving. Well bred. Preferable from surrounding neighbourhood i.e UK,US .”

Only difference is you don’t need to pay dowry for selling a cow .

When mom decided to venture for this adventure I decided to document some funny incidents.

Case 1

Dear Teena,

The prospective groom is working in an MNC. He is a qualified engineer can support a family. We seek for a beautiful , educated girl. However the boy had mumps at age 5 because of which chances of infertility is high. But this is curable with medical facilities today. Please let us know your views.


A parent

I don’t know how to react, I was even dumbstruck as to if this is true. When I probed about this I came to know it was a spam from this guys id. Don’t ask me if spam of this sort can be generated.

Case 2

Dear Teena,

I am a handsome , young guy from Kottayam. I am doing business. Aapko business walon pasand ho to mujhe contact karo.

I humbly replied no.

He replied again.

Edi nale njan Ambani aakumbol nine kandolam. It roughly translates as

( Tommorow when I become Ambani I will see you)

God that was hilarious.

Case 3

Dear Teena,

I am a handsome, young energetic fellow. I am 36 years old( I fainted over that) . I got some acres of rubber plantation and two, three shops. I am open minded and fashionable. You are beautiful , marry me. We got so many PhD’s at home so don’t frighten me with your qualifications.

I am still confused if it’s a threat or a proposal.

Case 4

This is a telephonic conversation.

Our son has so many proposals lined. So even if we talk to you we will screen all those and only then get back to you. Let us clear all that. People are willing to pay any amount we ask. How financially sound are you?

I can imagine mom’s face after this so I didn’t dare ask her the rest.

This comedy show is on run when it completes 100th episode I will treat myself after all I am the cause for this comedy :) .


Sudheesh said...

ha can get ulti hilarious some times.... i pity the guys who couldn't see the worth of this gem... anyways... lemme share an episode too... my cousin bro was discussing marriage proposals with (our)uncle....a guy came for donations to a temple festival and happened to hear bits of wat they were he asked...enta saare! pashoone nokkunnundo? now that explains it !! humne to thaan liya babaa....hum bas muni hi rahenge.

Jenson said...

How about the male version...

Unknown said...

precious!...had a good laugh.

Surya said...

:) Had a lovely time reading it.

mathew said...

hilarious..had a good laugh!!;-D
been reading a few of your posts and enjoyed thoroughly..

The quirk said...

Thanks Mathew, liked Ambrosia too. Do read and comment